Hi, I’m Haeja (hey-ja)! I’m a location-independent editor, which means I can blog and work anywhere in the world as long as I have my computer and access to the internet. I’ve been an editor since 2011, and I’ve edited academic papers, newspapers, magazines, novels, novellas, and short stories, from both local and international clients. I have a day job so I only accept extra jobs I can work on during the weekend or over several months.

I love to travel, and my old blog, Hey, Haeja (now incorporated here) was a celebration of the things and places that demonstrated how I celebrate my life — whether it be eating a slice of cake, or going on adventures here or abroad. I’m not a hardcore backpacker who scrimps on every penny. Instead, I take my time to save up for trips and the activities I really want to do. My travel posts are not about the cheapest way to travel but getting as much value for every penny I spend and making sure I (and my companions) will be safe and comfortable.

The advertising banners and some links may generate some income for me – at NO cost to you – if you click and purchase. To know more, please visit http://paidforadvertising.com/.

I look forward to hearing from you, whether it is about my travels, thoughts, or my editing services. Send me an e-mail at connect[@]haejafranca[dot]com.

My editing experience encompasses:

  • Magazine copy editing (NZ-based magazines)
  • Magazine cover blurb write-ups (NZ-based magazines)
  • Newspaper copy editing (NZ-based newspapers)
  • Substantive editing of fiction novellas (30,000+ words) and novels (50-60,000+ words)  in English
  • Copy editing of fiction novellas (30,000+ words) and novels (50-60,000+ words)  in English
  • Proofreading of novellas, websites, novels in English
  • Beta reader for short stories in English
  • Proofing of advertisements in English (for NZ-based clients)
  • Fact-checking and grammar correction
  • Academic paper copy editing (international clients)

Looking forward to working with you. 🙂