Sydney day 2: Blue Mountains

The previous night, we went to the grocery to buy cold cuts, bread, and cheese for our daily breakfast the whole week. We each spent A$9 and saved a lot on food. So the next morning, after breakfast, we set out before 6am for the two-hour train ride to the Blue Mountains. It is actually just outside of Sydney, and is very accessible by train, bus, or car. It is one of the most popular day trips you can take from Sydney, although you can also stay overnight in one of the lodges/hotels right in the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains is called as such due to the miles and miles of eucalyptus trees, whose oil, when released, give off that hue from a distance.

We had bought online our Lyrebird pass, which gave us a hop on-hop off bus tour and unlimited entry on the Scenic World rides. We bought the adult pass (concession pass is for senior citizens), and when I inquired about the pass through Facebook, the guy who replied to me gave me $5 off per ticket. Awesome!

Ate Koku really wanted to make the most out of the Blue Mountains so she had plotted our path and bus times beforehand. Of course it wasn’t a perfect plan since we didn’t account for sheer exhaustion going up and down the mountains, but since there were a lot of tourists, there were more buses available from the Lyrebird pass and we still made it to most of our planned stops.

We went to Leura Cascades, Narrow Neck Lookout, Echo Point, The Three Sisters (the staircase to reach and touch one Sister was so steep!), Katoomba Cascades, did the three rides of the Scenic World, and Reid’s Plateau to Furber Steps. The only planned stop we didn’t get to do was Gordon Falls to Pool of Siloan because our feet felt like they were going to drop off!

The Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters (left)
View from the Scenic Skyway
The Scenic Cableway
The Scenic Railway – the steepest passenger railway in the world!

This was our first time to do bush walking and, despite our exhaustion, I definitely see the appeal!

We had dinner at one of the restaurants near the train station – and we chose it because it was the one I saw selling ice cream. After such a hot day out and walking for over 6 hours, we relished the cold treat.

Opal has a daily cap of $15.40, and some time slots (before and after 7am-7pm) have cheaper fares, so we opted to leave at 6:45pm, which gave us the earliest and cheapest rides for the night. When we got home, we stayed awake long enough to prepare our things for our next adventure in Sydney. 🙂

How to get to Blue Mountains and back to Sydney:
You can go to Blue Mountains by car, bus, or train. We chose to take the train. From Sydney, we took the train to Central Station then from Central, we took the train to Katoomba. Depending on where you are in Sydney, you might not need to change trains.

From Blue Mountains, we took the train from Katoomba Station and changed trains again in Central Station to Bondi Junction Station.

Day’s cost (in AUD):
Lyrebird pass: $78
Lunch: $24
Ice cream: $4.5
Dinner: $16

Total: $122.50

Our transportation costs amounted to $11.90 and were covered by our Opal card.

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