Staycation at Midori Hotel and Casino in Clark, Pampanga

Since I was invited by my friend to her daughter’s first birthday and baptism party in San Fernando, Pampanga, I decided to book a hotel in Clark to avoid having my sister drive about six to seven hours, back and forth, in one day. That, and because I really needed a getaway from all the stress at work. Despite the distance between San Fernando and Clark, I still chose to book there because we’re familiar with Clark and that’s the nearest activity-filled place nearby. Plus, Dealgrocer had a very good deal for the five-star luxurious Midori Hotel and Casino.

Reception foyer of Midori Hotel

As usual, I contacted the hotel first to confirm that I could use the voucher on my specified dates. They said yes, so I sent them the voucher, and they confirmed my booking. However, after a week, I looked at the voucher again, and realized that it was only valid from October 1 – and I was staying on September 24. I quickly emailed the hotel to confirm I can use it, and they said they’ll still honor my reservation. Whew!

Beautiful green grounds with a swing (covered by the beam, by the trees)

Aside from the positive reviews on Tripadvisor and the bath tub in the balcony of deluxe rooms (other rooms don’t have a tub in the balcony), what really drew me to Midori is their use of eco materials in the design and the facilities, which I’m sure my sister would enjoy.

They also have a playground

They have 110 rooms, and there were two events when we went there, but the place is so spacious that it didn’t feel crowded. They also had three elevators – 2 for the main floors, and one near the guest rooms that goes directly to the pool, spa, and gym.

Their check-in is at 3pm, but we arrived half past two, and a room was ready for us. I immediately asked for a hot compress for my sister’s knee, which was aching because it took us 4 hours (including a 30-minute lunch stopover) from Paranaque to Clark. After a few minutes, three people went up to our room to deliver a hot compress – ate Mako said they must have been wondering if a nurse was needed that’s why there were three of them.

Other room facilities included a hot kettle, bottles of water, a drip coffee maker, ground coffee beans, regular sugar and equal sweetener, cream, and three varieties of Twinings tea.

Comfortable bed and pillows, a separate lounging sofa, a work table, and arched ceiling in their deluxe room

There’s an in-room safe, iron and iron board, sufficient hangers, sturdy room slippers, flashlight, and a huge umbrella.
They have two rolls of tissue on the side, a plug for devices, a telephone, and a painting but no bidet. I don’t get it.
The shower area has a small alcove to the side to put your toiletries. The shower was responsive and the temperature adjusted quickly. And the water didn’t leak outside the shower area!
Appa Kappa bath toiletries. They also included 2 sets of loofah, dental kits, shaving kit, and cotton pads.
View of the deluxe room with the balcony and bathtub

To make full use of the facilities, we decided to go to the gym because she needed to do some stretching. This is the first time I made use of the gym in a hotel because I usually get all my workout from swimming, but I loved their gym. It was spacious, clean, and didn’t smell of sweat. They also provided us with a bottle of water (you can get as many as you need) and fresh towels. You can also play music on their speaker via Bluetooth. The attendant that Saturday was a PT and was very excited to have people use the gym. But if you prefer to run, they also have a trail map provided in the room. On Sunday, we had a different attendant, who knew muay thai and competed in MMA competitions. Even though he couldn’t do yoga with me, he taught me a few easy exercises I can do every day without any equipment.

Those who love to work on their fitness will enjoy the gym. Treadmills not pictured.

After thirty minutes, we made our way to their spacious pool. It’s big enough that even though there were a lot of kids and floaties (free from the hotel), we still had room to swim. There were also enough chairs around the hotel, and a poolside bar called Baci Bar (you can’t bring food/drinks in the pool), and even cabanas for big groups. They also provide a towel and unlimited bottles of water. They have lockers in the bathroom, and they also provide a plastic bag for your wet clothes. I love the little touches like these that made life so easy and made me love this hotel even more.

Midori Hotel’s pool is only up to four feet

They also have a separate kiddie pool that few kids used, because the main pool had a platform where kids could swim closer to the adults. I bet my niece Aj would love to swim there too!

Midori Hotel’s kiddie pool
House red wine, tequila sunrise, and munchies platter cost us almost P1000

We went back to the pool around 8pm. This time, the pool was empty until we left just before 10pm. There was only one other guest who went swimming but he was there for like ten minutes. The lifeguard stayed with us, even though the pool was only up to 4 feet. The lifeguards really keep watch when people are in the pool, and we found out that they keep up their certifications regularly.

We went back to our room to enjoy the bathtub with some munchies and drinks. The moisture in our drying skin from the pool was restored via the Appa Kappa body wash that Midori provided (higher grade rooms have L’Occitane bath amenities). Even though the neighbors are so far away from Midori, there’s a curtain around the tub if you want more privacy. The nearest tall building is still under construction, and unless the workers had a telescope, I doubt they’d see you bathing. But to be sure, we wore our swimsuits to the tub and rinsed off at the shower inside the room.

The bed was so comfortable, and four pillows were provided, so we fell asleep right away. And waking up the next morning was so difficult, if I wasn’t so determined to get some swim on before I had to leave for the party.

What a view from our window!

The buffet breakfast in Toscana Dining was mostly Asian (Filipino, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese), and had bread, dessert, egg, and salad stations. They also had juice, coffee, and chocolate for drinks. Unfortunately, they don’t serve Eggs Benedict, which some five star hotels serve upon request during breakfast buffets (try it!). I was too famished and in a hurry so I didn’t have time to take a picture of the buffet. However, each dish I tasted was delicious.

Asian-Western brekky on my plate

Since my sister was just going to drive me to the party and didn’t have anything else to do, I asked if we could have a late check-out at 2pm – and they agreed, at no cost. They also have a complimentary valet service, as well as a free scheduled shuttle service to SM Clark. Before my sister checked out, she went to get the complimentary welcome drink (iced tea or lemonade) from Cafe Midori, and the server instantly gave it to her in a to go cup, probably because she already had our bags with her.

Cigar Maduro was empty when we arrived to have a glass of wine, which we decided to have in our room instead

They have body and luggage scanners at the entrance. What’s funny is that my sister and I didn’t go through the security check because when we parked our car, the path that the guard pointed to us didn’t have any security scans. I think Midori should cover that back entrance as well (or not let guests pass through there since valet parking is complimentary).

The only downsides to this hotel are the pricey food (in terms of proportion, not in taste!) and the lack of a bidet in the bathroom – and we all know a bidet is essential!

I love Midori Hotel and Casino for the beautiful rooms, relaxed atmosphere, good service, and family-friendly facilities. Maybe someday, I can bring my parents there too. 🙂

Midori Hotel and Casino
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