Bacolod 2016

Mom and I went to Bacolod because I wanted to go to Danjugan Island, which I heard so much about from my friend Kesh. I booked a room and a day tour via Punta Bulata, but they said Danjugan Island was closed for the day because it was fully booked for a corporate event. I was devastated!

I quickly cancelled our reservation and decided to go to Guimaras Island instead. But on the day of our trip, a storm came in and we couldn’t cross the waters to any other island. We were stuck in Bacolod. I was sad but my mom’s enthusiasm was contagious and I decided to be optimistic instead.

From the airport, we rode a shuttle to our hotel. But along the way, we saw Bob’s. I excitedly pointed it out to my mom so we disembarked for lunch. Everyone I knew from Bacolod recommended five things: Calea’s, Manokan Country – Aida’s, The Ruins, tour of heritage houses in Silay, and Bob’s.

Ribs from Bob’s

I ordered ribs while mom only had soup. The plane ride was so bumpy and my mom kept vomiting, so she was taking it easy. I also had revel bar, which was tasty. The food was that — tasty, although nothing spectacular. But for the price, we had no complaints. Despite the rain and all our cancelled plans, we were cheered up. Our first taste of Bacolod was off to a good start!

Since we were only supposed to stay in Bacolod for one night, I had to quickly find a hotel hours before our flight. I was able to book a room in Planta Centro Bacolod via Traveloka. It was a good choice, since they had a pool, where we hung out the next morning since we had nowhere else to go. Mom said God was giving me a chance to relax, after such an activity-filled October. I think it was the first time in several months where I just stayed put and actually…rested.

Simple but spacious room at Planta Centro

It kind of made up for my missing out on swimming in Danjugan and Guimaras.

On our first night, we went to Aida’s. All I can say is…every good thing they said about Aida’s inasal is true.

Best inasal I’ve ever had
Couldn’t have enjoyed Bacolod without my mom!

Planta Centro Bacolod served a Filipino buffet breakfast the next day. We just spent the morning swimming and sleeping, then went to GoHotel Bacolod. I’ve been to GoHotel in Iloilo, Bacolod and Dumaguete, and Bacolod felt like the smallest room. We found out they were offering a trip to The Ruins for only P100 (roundtrip) via a shuttle company. It was so cheap and more comfortable, compared to hiring a taxi or a tricycle. We planned on going to The Ruins just before sunset, because they said it’s more picturesque at that time, so we went to Robinsons, which has a Calea branch.

Chocolate cake from Calea

I had such high expectations from Calea, and it didn’t disappoint. It was good and tasty, although I like my chocolate cake a bit more moist. It wasn’t very sweet so I finished it quickly. So far, we haven’t eaten anywhere in Bacolod where the food didn’t taste good! I get it now, Bacolod.

Off we went to The Ruins! It was lucky that we arrived just before the tour started. The guide was very funny, and his storytelling was so fluid that it was fun imagining the people who lived there.

The Ruins in daylight
Outside the main entrance of the houe
Posing for Facebook. She wasn’t even afraid to go up the balustrade :))
Best in posing award goes to mother
The Ruins at night

The next morning, we attended early mass at San Sebastian. After the mass, we were looking for breakfast, but were told that only Jollibee serves food that early. We were quite bummed, because we wanted to try more local places. But it was also fun to watch the locals, as families came in droves. I never stop and just watch the things happening around me, when I’m in Manila. I’m always glued to my phone.

I wondered how many times I missed out on human connections because I always strove to keep myself entertained by games or social media.

We went to Calea’s again for our last slice of cake, but it was still closed. Since we didn’t have any more time, we just waited for the opening, quickly ate a slice of cake, and went back to GoHotel just in time for the 11am checkout.

2nd chocolate cake from Calea

We went to Silay for the heritage houses tour, but we got there just in time to tour some houses. The one house I wanted to tour the most – the Hofileña Heritage House, which houses several paintings by Luna, Rizal and Hidalgo – was already closed when we arrived. Bummer!

Mom, who loves old houses, had a lot of fun touring.

Hofileña Heritage House has plenty of art by Filipino masters
San Diego Pro-Cathedral
Balay Negrense
Inside the Jalandoni Museum

It’s rare for me to see my mom just relaxed while traveling, and I was happy to see her looking so excited while we went around the houses. She said it reminded her of when she was young – although we were quite poor growing up.

We had snacks at El Ideal, which is just across the plaza. If you’re going to the airport, the shuttle terminal is between the plaza and El Ideal.

My trip to Bacolod was filled with failed itineraries but it had its own memorable moments – and until today, my mom and I look back on it (especially the food!) with fondness.

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