Overnight at Bluewater Maribago

I wasn’t planning on doing a second trip to Cebu this year, but my mother wanted to bring her parents there for my grandmother’s birthday and she wanted someone to help her take care of them. I volunteered to fly in for the weekend and bring them to Bluewater Maribago in Mactan because I wanted to treat my grandparents to something special too.

Mom was so happy! This year she’s been bitten by the travel bug too. As she puts it, “if not now, when?” because she’s already 59, and she’s finally not putting anyone through school and she has the moolah and energy to go out! I think my mom was the most excited out of all four of us.

The three of them flew in to Cebu on Thursday morning where they enjoyed a day tour around Cebu after hiring a taxi for the day. My grandparents surprised my mom when they managed to walk all the way up at the Taoist Temple, even though they had arthritis. I flew in at night, and we stayed at Crown Regency overnight, thanks to a voucher from Metrodeal.

Pretty big room at Crown Regency Cebu for only P3999! That was a steal.
Pretty big room at Crown Regency Cebu for only P3999! That was a steal.

The next morning, we took a taxi to Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort. Out of all the resorts in Mactan, I chose them because they had an P11,000 suite room for four adults with buffet breakfast and shuttle transfer to the airport. I got the deal via Dealgrocer. We also had free kayaking for an hour.

We were supposed to stay at the Amuma Suite, which is closer to the entrance, but they gave us a Premier Deluxe Room instead, which was between the beach and the pool and the dining area. I really appreciated it, because it was more scenic and the room was gorgeous! Also, it was an easier walk for my grandparents.

View of the entryway to Bluewater Maribago
View of the entryway to Bluewater Maribago

I haven’t been to Bluewater Maribago before and thus had no expectations, but I really liked the laidback vibe it had going on. The entrance to the resort was so pretty too!

Check-in center at Bluewater Maribago
Check-in center at Bluewater Maribago

Check-in was pretty painless and took place in a large open hut. They served us delicious fresh juice while they were confirming our reservation. Then we boarded onto a golf car and drove us to our room.

As soon as I walked in, I was blown away. Bluewater Maribago’s rooms is one of the prettiest resort rooms I’ve seen. I felt like I got a really good deal!

Premier Deluxe Room comfortably fit four adults
Premier Deluxe Room comfortably fit four adults

I loved the floating beds and the all-native materials used throughout the room. It felt like a homage to Philippine craft and creativity. However, they only had two towels and toiletries for two, so we quickly requested for additional toiletries. They also provided only three slippers, but we didn’t ask for more since my mom brought her own.

My favorite part of the whole room, however, is the bathtub area. It is seriously GOALS. It’s almost as big as the bedroom and I feel like I can party in it. The toilet was nothing spectacular, but they provided a phone. No bidet, though!

A low wall separates the toilet from view.
Floating throne with a phone but no bidet!
Shower area
Shower area
Mood lighting with a sunroof overhead <3
Mood lighting with a sunroof overhead <3 There is a ledge beside the bathtub where you can put your toiletries.

I had a nice good soak in the tub right before sleeping, which is my favorite alternative to getting a massage.

Each room in our row had a little patio with some wicker table and chairs, but we didn’t spend time there. A particular feature I loved was the jar of water outside each room with a long ladle, which is for washing the sand off your feet before entering your room.

Bluewater Maribago has three pools, but I’ve only been to the one nearest our room and the Allegro restaurant. It was big enough so even though there were day trippers and other guests, I still had enough room to swim several laps. There’s also a small pool for kids right beside it.


We ate all our meals at Bluewater. The food is a little pricey but tasty, depending on what you order. I don’t recommend their pasta at all, but their spicy chicken was so delicious, I wanted to order seconds. The drinks are also reasonably priced.

Their carbonara dish fell short on taste 🙁
Good enough fish
Super yummy spicy chicken!
Brick oven baked pizza was tasty
Tried a different pasta but still didn’t like it
A little too sweet chocolate cake

Aside from the pools, Bluewater Maribago also has a little beachfront access, where you can also hire boats or kayaks or go island hopping. However, the middle part has a lot of seaweed and the water looked a little dirty, right off the shore. It’s best if you take their little boat (free but subject to availability) on to the little islet across the beach, where there’s more space to swim around. And when it’s low tide, you can even walk across!

View of the beach and islet at Bluewater Maribago
View of the beach and islet at Bluewater Maribago

I don’t recommend going past the little islet because the water looks deep and there are no lifeguards. I haven’t been to any resort in Mactan where the waterfront is spectacular like in SiquijorPanglao or Boracay, so I didn’t mind very much.

Bluewater Maribago’s picturesque beach and islet
Several beach huts line Bluewater Maribago’s beach

Bluewater Maribago also has very scenic pocket gardens, and two lagoons where they feed live shark! They feed the shark every afternoon and guests are welcome to watch or even drop the food into the water.

One of the ponds with live shark
Grandma and grandpa, 60 years and counting!
Beautiful landscaping outside the resort’s row of rooms
Bluewater Maribago’s beautifully landscaped pathway
Black tipped shark in one of the two lagoons
Black tipped shark in one of the two lagoons. There are a lot of fish down there too.

After swimming in the sea, mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool while my grandparents dozed off. And at night, when we had dinner at their Molto Italiano restaurant (right beside the al fresco dining area of their Allegro restaurant), we were able to catch a glimpse of their weekly cultural performance. It involved fire dancing, which is always entrancing!

I wanted some time to myself so I went to the Cove to look at the night sky and have a few drinks. There was only one other couple at the Cove, and I’m so glad the bartender was quiet and didn’t feel the need to blast out some radio tunes to while away his time.

The Cove is a cozy and romantic spot at Bluewater Maribago if you're looking for a date place
The Cove is a cozy and romantic spot at Bluewater Maribago if you’re looking for a date place

The next day, my grandparents made full use of the buffet. We came from quite a poor background, and it was their first time to try a buffet. I teared up a little when grandma asked mom, “we can eat anything we like from here?” I think my mom got teary-eyed too. It made the whole thing worth it.

Octagonal shaped dining area for breakfast
Octagonal shaped dining area for breakfast

As to the the most important breakfast buffet question — if they have bacon — YES. The food selection was varied, with cereals and bread options, but nothing jumped out at me as distinctively delicious. They also don’t serve Eggs Benedict upon request, although they do have an egg station.

After spending the morning swimming and enjoying our room again, check out was as easy as calling the front desk for a pick-up. But instead of availing of their shuttle transfer, we called for a taxi because my mom wanted to bring my grandparents to the Mactan shrine.

The staff was also very polite and courteous and mom even had one of the staff accompany her to the gate to take pictures of her! Choosing to bring my grandparents and mom to Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort was a very good choice. In fact, my brother-in-law and his siblings booked their parents at Bluewater Maribago too at my recommendation. My grandparents have been asking me when our next trip will be. I pray they stay healthy enough until we can do it again next year!

The madame liked it!
The madame liked it!

All photos are unedited. Please don’t grab them. This is not a sponsored post.

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