Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, The Beanery and Mt. Samat

For mom’s 59th birthday, she’d booked us rooms at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. She has been wanting to visit the place for the past two years. We were supposed to just do the day tour then book rooms elsewhere, but when we computed the total costs, there wasn’t much difference. So hello to an overnight in Las Casas!

Doorway to Las Casas' hotel rooms. Staff are required to wear period costumes too.
Doorway to Las Casas’ hotel rooms. Staff are required to wear period costumes too.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a beach resort in Bataan filled with old houses from around the Philippines. Some have been transferred by the owner while some have been painstakingly recreated. If you love history and old houses, then I really recommend this place, whether for a day trip or overnight stay. If it’s within the budget, though, do go for an overnight trip! We were lucky to have gotten almost 50% off room rates since we booked a few months early.

Since check-in wasn’t until 2pm, we took our time driving to Bataan, just in time for the last morning tour at 11am. Quite a mistake — it was too hot, and we didn’t bring umbrellas! But more on that later.

When we arrived, the lobby was a little chaotic. There are chairs in the lobby, though, but can get filled up quickly. We were given an early check-in and given rooms in Las Casas’ hotel, or the main building. It felt like a grand old mansion.

My grandparents’ old home used to be made purely out of wood, and I missed being in a house like that. There’s just something more grand about wooden houses than the concrete ones we have today.

Las Casas’ construction is still ongoing though, so if you’re asthmatic to dust, best to be alert.

We were able to get a deluxe room for my sister, bro-in-law and niece, and the large deluxe room for my parents, sister and me.

Large Superior Deluxe bedroom
Large Superior Deluxe bedroom
Toilet and shower area
Beautiful wash areas with complete toiletries but no bath gel!
Beautiful bathtub with a detachable showerhead.
Claw-footed bathtub in the deluxe room
View from our window
View from our window

The tour around Las Casas has several slots, but since we wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon swimming, we took the earliest tour when we arrived — which was just before lunch, so it was incredibly hot!

View of the main hotel
Facade of the main hotel, where the tour starts

There are hardly any trees on the roads, so the only time we were in the shade was whenever we entered a house. The tour was very informative and the tour guide peppered it with interesting or rather shocking tidbits about the previous occupants.

Fans of the movie Heneral Luna will certainly recognize this place!
Fans of the movie Heneral Luna will certainly recognize this place!

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If you really have the money to spend, some of the houses (called casas) can also be rented for the night. One particular favorite of mine even had a four-poster bed for sleeping.

The tram was being repaired when we arrived but was working fine later that day.
Art installations fill the square, but I hope they’ll be repolished because they’re looking old
The tour guide showing us how our ancestors ironed clothes. What a workout!
Music players of old

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar has also been the location for several shows and films, most notably Heneral Luna. I wasn’t the only tourist who flocked to one of the buildings to have a picture taken with such an iconic and heartbreaking scene.

Aside from the beach, which is open to tourists, Las Casas also has a batis-inspired pool. A low wall separates a shallower area for the kids.

Batis-inspired pool
Batis-inspired pool

While it is spacious, it can get pretty crowded. I can just imagine how cramped it will be if all the guests swam at the same time!

Beach beds surround the pool, and drinks and snacks can be bought at the nearby cafe.

Guests can also swim at the beach, which I did the next morning. However, be careful when the tide starts rising. There was a moment when I was being pulled by the waves deeper into the sea, and I was trapped for a moment. However, since I was still visible, no one realized I was struggling. I finally managed to break free, but my heart thundered in fear for those few seconds. The waves could get really strong so I’d recommend staying close to the shore and not swim at night.


If Las Casas was beautifuful during the day, the place just became romantic at night. The sunset wasn’t anything spectacular, but dusk transformed the place. And the twinkling nights along the houses turned into a pre-baby pictorial backdrop for my sister and brother-in-law, with me as their excited photographer.


Food in Las Casas was pricey and the choices are limited. While it was tasty, nothing jumped as particularly spectacular. However, mom enjoyed the dining area mostly because of the windows, which reminded her of her childhood home.


The next morning, we woke up bright and early for our buffet breakfast. Again, nothing special and the saddest part was they didn’t serve bacon 🙁

Las Casas also has Sunday mass service. I guess you can get married right here, too! It would make for a very picturesque backdrop, wow.

Church facade
Inside the church. I wonder how it will look like once it’s finished.

Checkout took quite a long time because again, there were a lot of people checking out and checking in. And as soon as we left the archway, our car broke down! Apparently, since there was a construction, we had run over a nail so our tire got flattened.

The security and some tricycle drivers hanging out by the gate helped us to change the tire. They didn’t want to accept payment, but we still paid them out of gratitude.

On our way back to Manila, we stopped at The Beanery for some snacks. There were very few coffee shops along the way, and we were not expecting such a beautiful place.

20160911_171304_marked 20160911_171320_marked

Aside from coffee, they also serve a wide selection of cakes as well as savoury dishes. It was pretty affordable, and the food must be quite good because the place was packed! It seemed like the place to be for different groups, from couples to friends and even families.

A little too sweet but good enough!
Wide selection of cakes nom nom
Their tasty mojos made me wonder if their other savoury dishes taste as good!

A side trip to the Mt. Samat National Shrine completed our weekend because none of us had ever been there. I felt so proud of our fallen soldiers who fought for our country before. May we never stop fighting for the welfare of our country.



All photos are mine and unedited. Please don’t grab them.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
Brgy. Ibaba, Bagac, Bataan, 2107, Philippines
Phone Numbers: +63 2 332 5338, +63 2 332 5286, +63 2 877 4501, +63 2 877 4502, +63 917 872 9361
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The Beanery
Capitol Drive, San Jose, Balanga, Bataan

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