Chocolate buffet at Taal Vista’s Lobby Lounge

Since my family went to Taal Vista Hotel for a work function one Saturday, I tagged along for some me time at their coffee shop. I was supposed to go to the Taza, but I ended up at the Lobby Lounge, because I thought it was Taza. Hehe!


I hung out with my mom, who ignored me because she was concentrating on watching Train to Busan in my tablet.

The Lobby Lounge has a rule that each person must spend a minimum amount if you want to stay there. It was so cozy and we were going to be there for several hours so we didn’t mind. It was just the price of say, a drink at your usual coffee shop.

If you’re looking to work there, free wifi is also available. You just have to ask one of the staff to hook you up. However, we were only able to charge thru their counter as the socket along the wall was busted, they said.

Tip: Stay away from the seats near the glass windows during the day because it can get really hot. Around 4pm, position yourself by the piano and prepare yourself for some sweet tunes.

The pianist serenaded me with Pangako Sa'yo, when I requested it.
The pianist serenaded me with Pangako Sa’yo when I requested it.

While I was there, they were advertising that they have a chocolate buffet starting from 3PM. I was planning on staying away, until they started laying out the chocolate and I just…gave in.

Selection of different chocolates for snacking or to turn into a cup of hot chocolate
Chocolate desserts
More chocolate…
First pickings from left to right: Flourless chocolate cake, chocolate tart, and a slice of chocolate cake
This cake looked and tasted divine!

The choices ranged from making your own hot chocolate from the different tableas available, ranging from dark to sweet to milky, as well as different chocolate pastries. I was there for almost five more hours since the buffet started, and I’ve had three cups of different chocolates, a slice of chocolate cake, those three pastries, and cookies.

Tip #2: Apparently you can share, discreetly, with your table. Just don’t order two cups of choco — that’s a dead giveaway!

Out of all the ones I’ve tried, my favorite was the cup of gianduja chocolates, the pie tart, and the slice of chocolate cake.

You can just eat the chocolate chips or you can ask the staff to prepare you a cup of hot chocolate. One of the male staff apparently had a sweet tooth and we chatted for a while on his most recommended chocolate chips. He made them pretty darn good, too!

The chocolate pie tart wasn’t as sweet as I expected, because the pie balanced the pastry nicely.

But the chocolate slice wasn’t just divine to look at — it tasted so delicious too. It was as sweet as can be expected (just look at that pic!), but wasn’t nauseatingly so.

If you’re not a chocoholic, just order one of the desserts instead of indulging in the buffet because it can get pretty overwhelming. If I recall, I think it was at P799, which is a little steep if you’re not going to eat a lot. Taal Vista said they’re the only ones in the country that regularly serves a chocolate buffet. Has anyone else tried this?

To keep myself from drowning in chocolate, I’d take a walk around Taal Vista, especially outside, where the view was so lovely, I kinda wished we were staying for the night.


View from Taal Vista’s veranda

All photos are mine and unedited. Please don’t grab them.

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