Overnight at Club Balai Isabel

My friend Kesh and I were looking for a quick getaway when I saw a coupon in Dealgrocer for an overnight stay with breakfast at Club Balai Isabel. Since it seemed pretty accessible by commute, we bought a voucher and decided to add a side trek to Taal Volcano.

View from our lakeside room
View from our lakeside room

But ate Mako offered to drive us to Club Balai in exchange for the overnight stay and Taal Volcano tour, which we gladly accepted. So yay, a more relaxed vacay for us! We just contacted Club Balai and paid for the additional person thru Paypal.

Club Balai is pretty easy to find and the entrance is so beautiful. Just entering the place seems like to shut out the stresses of daily life because there are a lot of trees and because the place is huge, even though there were a lot of people at that time, it was still pretty peaceful and calm.

We arrived around noon and had lunch while we waited for the check-in time. The food in Club Balai was tasty but only good for one, unless you’re not hungry. In our case, we were on a budget and famished and restaurants are far away from Club Balai, so meal times were a little painful on the budget!

Club Balai's restaurant has both open and closed areas.
Club Balai’s restaurant has both open and closed areas and has a pool right beside it.

But Club Balai made up for the not-so-delicious food with a spectacular, unbeatable view.

Mt. Pinatubo somewhere in the cluster of mountains right across!
Taal Volcano somewhere in the cluster of mountains right across!
Two double beds in our loft room
One order of relaxation for the weekend, please.

Our lakeside room was situated on the fourth floor of one of the buildings. Thankfully, there was a working elevator, but it’s so tiny and can only fit up to three to four people comfortably.

We were pleasantly surprised by our room because it can fit up to six people. It was airy, had a spacious bathroom, and even a loft that fit two double beds. Since there were only three of us, we each had our own comfortable beds. The light in the loft is not so bright, but it made for a good night’s sleep. The bed was soft and the pillows were generous, and my two companions were soon knocked out even though we were supposed to be bonding over our convenience store-bought snacks.

We also had a mini balcony that can fit two people at a time, and the view up there was even more breathtaking.

The bathroom was roomy and toiletries are provided, but the shower door can get a little stuck.

Each building also has its own parking space, but it can be pretty limited to best to car pool if going with friends or family.

At just a little over P2000 per person, this room was a steal!
At just a little over P2000 per person, this room was a steal!

Our room was stationed near their huge pool that has a little pool for kids and a huge deep pool for adults. It’s easy to transfer from the kids’ section to the adults, so keep watch over your little ones if they go for a swim.

The pool was so large, it was tiring to keep swimming across. Glad we brought a paddleboard!
The pool was so large, it was tiring to keep swimming across. Glad we brought a paddleboard!

Bath towels are provided in-room, but they also provide beach towels, so you don’t have to bring a towel by the pool. There is a defunct cafe/snack bar by the huge pool, and we were a little disappointed that we couldn’t sip on mango shakes while lounging by the pool.

We also had a free kayak session with our package, but when we finished swimming, the kayak session was done for the day. They said we could do it tomorrow, but since we didn’t have time anymore, we didn’t get to experience kayaking. Good thing too, because the lake didn’t seem the cleanest place to kayak in! The water’s pretty dark so we wouldn’t see anything anyway.

After our afternoon swim, we decided to go to a nearby convenience store to buy chips and beer to eat in our room. But I asked that we wait until after the sunset because I had a feeling it was going to be beautiful. If you’ve been looking at my other posts, especially my Instagram, sunset pictures are very common.

Club Balai is actually popular for weddings because of the amazing view by the lake. And it did not disappoint.




Dusky romance

We then walked for about 20 minutes (round trip) to the nearby convenience store. It was relatively safe, although a little dark. You don’t even have to cross the road; when you exit Club Balai, turn right and start walking.

After dinner, I went for a night swim while ate Mako sketched by the pool and Kesh went to the room to rest. There’s this tree house of sorts with tables and chairs, and the tree itself is decorated with plenty of Christmas lights. However, the light was still so minimal, that I was able to enjoy the night sky while swimming on my back. After an hour, the sister and I went back to the room where the three of us soon drifted off to sleep. So much for bonding over our store-bought snacks! But our goal to rest and relax was fully achieved, and it was time to get plenty of rest for the next day’s activities.

Rest and relaxation -- achieved!
Rest and relaxation — achieved!

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