Europe tour day 14: The Eiffel Tower

Everytime I think about fulfilling my 13-year-dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower in person, I feel a little misty-eyed. My family and friends know that my number one travel goal was to “Go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower”.

My first picture with the beautiful La Tour Eiffel
My first picture with the beautiful La Tour Eiffel!

Once our visa was confirmed, I tried to book tickets online to the topmost floor of the Eiffel. Unfortunately by then, all tickets were sold out until October. I was devastated! I didn’t back down; I immediately emailed them asking if there was any other way I can buy tickets, and they recommended that I just take a chance and go there on the day of our visit. They also said that the waiting time for tickets takes as long as 15 minutes to 2 hours, so I should try to fall in line at 7pm to avoid long queues.

But after our Seine River cruise around 6pm, we saw that there was no line anymore. My parents didn’t want to go up the Tower so only my sister and I went up, for 17 euros each (it seems like reduced rates are available for those going up to the second floor via the stairs, aka you want a leg workout). Again, we didn’t include the Eiffel Tower in our Paris City Pass because the pass only covered up to the second floor and we wanted to get to the top.

I was so antsy and kept fidgeting and made sure I had nothing on my person that would make them refuse me entry. We rode the elevator to the second floor where we had to fall in line again for those going up the third floor. Since the line was pretty much wrapped around the Tower, we just enjoyed the view and took pictures of the city.

We’ve learned from our Seine River cruise that the city of Paris actually had great city planning to look the way it was, and at the top, we finally understood what they were talking about.

The city of Paris really is laid out so beautifully and was a sight to see!

View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower
View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Finally, it was our turn to get to the third floor. I really don’t recommend this for people with fear of heights (the third floor is at 276 meters high) because it can be dizzying!

There weren’t as many people on the third floor so we had quite some room to move around. We even witnessed one proposal! We opted not to buy champagne although we felt like celebrating because it was pricey. I just decided to take several photos of my sister, who is one of my favorite subjects.

Sunset over Paris
Sunset over Paris
Ate Mako at the Eiffel Tower
Ate Mako at the Eiffel Tower

It was already dark when we decided to go down, but the line in the lift was so long. We decided to use the stairs to the first floor and experience La Tour Eiffel more.

At the first floor, we found the glass floor that looks down below. That felt even scarier than being at the top floor of the Tower! But we decided to take a chance and even took pictures sitting down (because our legs were already shaky hehehe). We were about to continue to the ground floor when we saw the line to the lift was short.

Quite nerve-racking to be stepping on a glass ceiling!
Quite nerve-racking to be stepping on a glass ceiling!

It felt so surreal not just seeing the Eiffel Tower, but to actually get to climb it and touch parts of it, and pass where millions of people and even Gustave Eiffel himself had passed thru in 1889… *sigh*

We were at the bus stop right outside the Tower when the light show suddenly started! We were so amazed and stayed for a while to take more pictures. However, since there are copyright news about sharing of photos of the Eiffel Tower’s light show, I’ve decided not to share them here.

Instead, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite photos that expresses the way I feel Paris: romantic, a bright spot in the dark, beautiful, and carefree.

Round and round


Please don’t grab my images and use them without permission. All photos are unedited except for the watermark I’ve placed.

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