Europe tour day 12: Geneva

Mama and Papa and the Wall of Reformation

We arrived in Geneva the next day, around the afternoon. After almost an hour, we finally found our way out of the train station and found the tram we had to take to go to our Airbnb rental. Since we were traveling without WiFi (something I really don’t recommend if you’re not with a tour group, in a country you’ve never been to before!), I couldn’t contact our host. All I told them was the ETA of our train.

View from the apartment
The view from the apartment reminded me of the TV show Princess Sarah – ang Munting Prinsesa

When we arrived, the host wasn’t there and we couldn’t get into the building. I finally went to the bar next door and, since the bartender didn’t speak English I had to speak in my stilted French, asked if I could borrow the phone to call the host. Thankfully, my French proved up to scratch because the bartender understood me. (The Swiss apparently speak different languages, depending on the location. Based on my research prior to the trip, they speak French in Geneva.)

The host arrived quickly as he lived nearby. The place was tiny but adequate and very homey, and the neighborhood was lovely. Since we only had a day to enjoy Geneva, we quickly left to explore on foot.

When we rode the tram, it seemed like we were so nearby the river, where we will ride the boat for free, again care of our Eurail pass, so walking seemed like a good idea. If you have the spare francs, take the tram. We just walked along the main street but I think we walked for over an hour. We’ve been in Europe for over a week and we walked miles every day, so by this time we were very tired.

But we were still glad we walked because when we got lost, we passed by the Paroisse Saint Francois de Sales. We tried to enter but there was no one around and it was dark so we left quickly. Then we found a park, and in the park were benches, and benches meant we could rest. So yay, we quickly sat down and took a break. We watched students with thick textbooks sitting on the grass and holding study sessions, and some people on other benches reading novels. It was exactly how I pictured Europe to be, and it also fulfilled my sister’s wish of just walking around (but not getting lost) and hanging out at one of the parks in Switzerland.

Parc des Bastions

Apparently, we have landed right in the heart of Geneva, at the Parc des Bastions, where the Wall of Reformation is located.


We soon found one of the life-sized chess boards, and my parents sat down and enjoyed watching the locals play. There were Filipinos around, taking a break from work, and they quickly invited my dad to play with them when they found out he was from the Philippines. Meanwhile, ate Mako and I decided to walk out of the park and look for food. I ended up with McDonalds, while she bought a croissant from a nearby bakery. While I wondered why McDonalds tasted better in Switzerland (in Europe, actually), ate Mako said it was the best croissant she’s ever had. I kind of regretted my pricey McDonalds wrap then.

After my dad beat his opponent twice, he finally begged off, and we finally went back to our apartment. On foot. If you’re going to Europe by yourself, do add a little extra for train rides (and Suisse chocolates!). We didn’t get to go to the river for the boat ride, but that’s okay because we all just wanted to sleep even though it was only around six in the evening.

Goodbye, Geneva!

Although we barely did anything in Geneva, it was a good stop because it felt like a palate cleanser to all the touring we’ve been doing. Besides, getting a glimpse of the locals’ daily life was an adventure all by itself.

The next day, I woke up bright and early because we were on our final leg of our journey, and the one place I’ve been dreaming about for so long.


I hope you’ll enjoy your trip! All photos are unedited. I don’t know how to use Photoshop! Please don’t use my images without permission.

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    1. Try and try until you succeed? Hehehe.

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