The Real Score    (un)breakable
I first worked with Haeja for my first self-published book (released in August 2013). Working with her was a great experience as she is very professional and detail-oriented. She has also helped me further build my story and its characters, improving my manuscript along the way. She ensures that feedback is given on-time, following the project schedule.
Because of these, I have signed up Haeja for my second book (released July 2014), and the working experience was even better. She also became a good sounding board for my writing difficulties and has given sound advice. I would enlist her for my other writing projects as she is a very competent editor and proofreader.
— Kesh Tanglao, author of the Gezellig series The Real Score and (un)breakable
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Keep the Faith

Haeja was my editor for my first self-published book (released October 2013). Her professional credentials and background as a book blogger makes her the best person for the job. She pays attention to the littlest details and exhibits professionalism in her work. She is also sensitive to the project schedule and provides timely feedback.

It was a great experience working with Haeja. She was able to help improve my manuscript through her meticulous and detailed editing. I would definitely sign her up for more projects as she has exceeded my expectations and has proven to be more than competent for the job.
— Anne Plaza, author of In Over Her Head and the Maharlika series
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Fall Like Rain    Keep the Faith
Haeja was my editor for my first two novellas (released September 2014 and July 2016). It was my first time to ever get edited for any fiction piece and while it was partly terrifying for me, a first-timer, she made it less so. Haeja had a keen attention to detail and knows the right questions to ask for me to really get to the core of the story and the characters. She’s very patient with the changes and the exchange of revisions, keeping the author’s intentions in mind while finding ways to improve the book.
She’s a great editor to work with, and I know that my books wouldn’t be in the best form without her expertise.
— Ana Tejano, author of Fall Like Rain and Keep the Faith
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