Sydney day 5: Coogee to Bondi beach walk

This beach walk is usually called Bondi to Coogee, but since we wanted to stay at Bondi beach after the coastal walk, we decided to do it in reverse. This was supposedly a six-kilometer walk, but for some reason we ended up doing about 9 kilometres (according to my phone’s walking tracker) – perhaps because of all the times we took pictures.

Famous Icebergs pool in Bondi

There are several beaches in between Bondi and Coogee, and (I think) each beach had their own pool just by the shore that is open to the public. Bondi’s Icebergs pool is the most famous, but there are plenty of other pools if you don’t want to take a chance swimming in the actual sea.

Our friends joined us for this walk-slash-photography session. The coast was so ridiculously scenic. The water looked so inviting, there were so many times I wanted to jump off the rocks and start swimming. However, I’m not that strong of a swimmer against Bondi’s reputed strong currents, so I contented myself with taking so. many. pictures.

From Bondi, we took the bus to Coogee, and started with breakfast at the Little Jack Horner, a cafe with Instagram-worthy al fresco tables and cozy interiors. I had Eggs Benedict (mais oui!), which was tasty enough and suited the price.

From Coogee Beach alone, I must’ve taken 30 pictures trying to get that right splash-on-the-rocks shot. While watching the water beat against the rock then the foam cover it for a few seconds, The Breakers from Michael Aaron Piano Course Lessons Grade 2 kept playing in my mind.

There was something so fatally entrancing with the way the water sprayed up high, rivulets suspended in the air for the briefest of seconds before it covered the dark rocks, transforming plain water into a milk-like pool that seemed like the most inviting and lavish of beds.

And I stood there, suspended between awe and fear, frantically pressing my phone’s camera button, hoping to capture this magnificent display.

Those minutes were, perhaps, my favorite part that morning.

Our friends said when the water is calm, people actually swim here. And in fact, when we got there, some people were swimming but the current grew too strong so they left.

After too many photos, my friends finally managed to pull me away from this site.

From Coogee to Bondi (or even all the way up to Watson’s Bay), there’s a comfortable pavement for those who want to walk. After experiencing this coastal walk, I finally understood why Sydneysiders are fit and why they find walking so easy. I think if I move to Sydney, I’d be walking frequently too; the scenery is fantastic, after all.

Loved the soil color here
Insisting friends to pose for me repeatedly on this spot

After a lot of resting, bathroom breaks, and photos, we finally reached Bondi beach. I admit by this time I was too knackered to appreciate it in all its beauty, plus the sky was a bit dark. We also didn’t have enough time to stay on the beach as we still had other plans for the day, and the walk took far longer than we expected. They all stayed by the sunbathers while I walked up to the shore and enjoyed walking back and forth, playing with the waves and enjoying the cool water.

There were a lot of surfers that day; even kids that looked as young as three years old were learning how to surf! Amazing. Meanwhile, even just doing SUP rattles me.

There were so many people when we arrived, and almost every spot was already taken. Most people were just sunbathing and hanging out with their friends, and a lot more were expected to arrive that day since it was New Year’s Eve.

After a filling poke bowl lunch and a cup of gelato, we went home to get ready for New Year’s Eve mass and dinner. I wish I could share some pictures of the New Year’s Eve fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but we actually just stayed at our friend’s home. New Year’s Eve is such a big deal in Sydney that you have to reserve a spot in one of the free areas months in advance, and you have to line up as early as 10am! If you don’t feel like milling with thousands of people from one of the free vantage points, prepare to shell out a minimum of AUD 300 – and that’s already considered “cheap” and may or may not include food and drinks.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach cost (in AUD):
Breakfast: $17
Lunch: $12.9
Gelato: $6
Opal top up: $20

Total: $55.9

I had computed our expected cost of our Opal trip prior to the trip, so the top-up was part of our budget. Our transportation cost was only $2.60 because it was a Sunday, and every Sunday Opal cards have a $2.60 capping. Lianne said it’s because the government is encouraging families to make a day of it. Isn’t that amazing?

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