The hunt for Penang’s street art

On my last days in Malaysia, Kesh and I took the overnight bus from the central bus terminal to Penang to see the street art in Penang. They were so amazing and looked 3D. They are by various artists, but not every art had a signature. Some were interactive and we had a lot of laughs taking pictures. (She went back to Penang last month but sadly found out that some of the wall art has been removed). It’s a good thing we took plenty of pictures so we’ll have memories of the day we hunted down these art!

We got to Penang around 6am, and took a cab to Cititel Hotel Penang*, which is centrally located, affordable, and offers great service and has comfortable rooms. Because we were so early, we didn’t have time to eat breakfast. We availed of their affordable buffet breakfast, which had so many selections. Then we passed out in the lobby because the bus was so cold and a bit uncomfortable. I think they took pity on us because they let us check in around 8am!

Aside from walking all over the central area, we took advantage of the free Penang Hop On Free Area Central Transit (CAT). It was another good way to see Penang while resting our legs. However, there was no guide so we did get lost a bit when we decided to go down to visit one of the museums.

The central area is full of tourists and backpacker inns, and you will not lack for food or places to drink. There are also more upscale malls/restaurants but you will need to take a cab/Uber/Grab to get there.

One of the street art called “Cats of Penang”
One of Kesh’s favorites
There were also non-painting art like this, mostly explaining why streets are named that way.
I’m not sure if this is art, but it was a pretty interesting way to warn people not to block the driveway!

Kesh and I went back to Kuala Lumpur the next day. I was praying we wouldn’t have any delays because my flight was at 10pm, and the earliest bus trip we can take was at 1pm (it’s about a six-hour bus travel between Penang and KL), and we still had to have dinner. We thought we were going to disembark at the central bus terminal again, but the driver stopped right in the Kuala Lumpur railway station (completed in 1910), which was more convenient. Kesh and I went to KL Sentral, had dinner at Nando’s (of course!), and parted ways. I took the KL Express to the airport and shopped for perfume at the duty free. (However, if you’re going to Kota Kinabalu, I highly suggest you shop there instead because it’s way cheaper!)

One of the things I quickly learned from traveling so much the past three years was that you have to be ready when plans change (because they will!) and you shouldn’t let the sad/ugly parts get you down for the rest of your trip. I focus on the positives (such as that I reached a new destination, I’m safe, it’s sunny, I was able to do this or that). These things have also helped me deal with shockers or stresses of everyday life. When I go on a trip, I am determined that I will enjoy, no matter what (especially because they’re expensive and take a chunk of my savings!). My trip to Malaysia was not without its hurdles, but it’s still one of my favorite memories. I hope Kesh and I can go to more places together!

What has travel taught you?

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  1. Love the art! I hope I can see that kind of art along Edsa instead of the “abstract” designs we have today.

    1. Me too! I love the art, but sadly, it’s not there anymore. 🙁

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