Lighthearted or funny book recommendations

My friends know I read a lot (hence, the book blog), and one day, Marie asked me for some lighthearted book recommendations. Comedic, if possible. Romance is allowed, but not smutty. And light, as in something that won’t make her think, and will allow her to take her mind off a few things while she was sick.

Before she mentioned she’ll read romance, I recommended James Rollins The Seventh Plague, which is the latest book I’ve read that I thought would interest her. I love Rollins’ Sigma Force series because it combines adventure and science with religious tones, but in no way denies religion or compromises science.

But Marie said, “title pa lang, heavy na” [from the title alone, it already sounds heavy].

I started looking up lighthearted books and almost none of the results from Google fit the escapist kind of literature she was looking for.

I replied, “well, the lighthearted ones I can recommend are all romance”, and she said, sure!

I didn’t realize how hard it was to find such books until she asked. So here’s my recommended list if you’re looking to de-stress, relax, enjoy, get kilig with none of the heavy drama that usually pervades romantic literature.

Adult (contains some adult scenes but nothing too graphic)

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne is the most recent book I’ve enjoyed reading. Getting into Lucy’s head is so easy, and Joshua is the type of guy I’d love to date. The attraction between them is off the charts, and their way to ending up together was just filled with funny misconceptions. These are modern characters, in the sense that they are equally empowered, and Lucy makes no apologies for being career-driven and ambitious. I love it.


The Kitchen When It Sizzles, by Chrissie Peria, combines food and romance. Deliciously tempting scenes combined with nice banter and just good characters, plus the right kind of tension, made this an easy breezy read for me. I’ve always wanted to date a chef because I can barely cook, and I couldn’t help but imagine Nate looking like Erwan Heussaff. This is also one of my go-to recommendations when friends would ask me for Filipino romance books.


This is one of my favorite go-to funny romance books when I was younger. This had me amused and chuckling at Emma’s secrets. I couldn’t relate to her because she could be such a mess, but I loved how human she was. Jack was just all around hot and scruffy, and I loved how, despite their opposite personalities, he couldn’t resist Emma. Sophie Kinsella’s The Undomestic Goddess is also one of my favorites, but it’s not as lighthearted as Can You Keep a Secret.


Young Adult

When it comes to good, young adult romance with all the feelings, I don’t hesitate to recommend Ines B. Yao’s Plain Vanilla and Only a Kiss. The romance here is sweet and clean, and reminds me of all the kilig of first romance and first crushes. These two are just novellas, and you can definitely read them in one sitting. This is more lighthearted than funny, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, especially to younger readers.


Last, but not the least, is my all-time laugh-out-loud favorite book, I Want to Go Home! by Gordon Korman. This is pretty old, but the story never fails to make me laugh. I’ve read it so many times, and I always want to be one of the kids here, if only to witness their antics. Of all his books, for me, this is his best and funniest. Korman’s Macdonald Hall series is also pretty funny and one of my favorite YA series to date.


Can you recommend any lighthearted/funny fiction books? 🙂

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