Yexel’s Toy Museum in Manila Ocean Park

Kesh and I were able to visit Yexel Toy Museum as part of our room and Manila Ocean Park staycation package. It was the one Kesh and I was most excited for because she wanted to see Iron Man, and I had never been to Yexel before.

Staring contest with Spidey

I’ve been to Manila Ocean Park twice before, but I’ve never been into this room. I must say, this is definitely one of the most interesting exhibits!

It was a little small (or maybe that’s just because we were enjoying ourselves too much), but a lot of fun. We went through a lot of different exhibits that mostly featured popular icons such as superheroes (Batman, Superman, Spiderman) and the ever lovable minions. There was also a miniature of the house from Up, and Cinderella’s glass slippers. And yes, I really wanted to try on the glass slippers. But they’ve enclosed it in a glass, because I think a lot of visitors would try it on, just for kicks! Who doesn’t dream of trying on a shoe and getting to marry the man of our dreams? I mean, really, fabulous shoes + a castle + money + true love. And you get the titular style of princess attached to your name. (Although I prefer to be a duchess — fewer responsibilities, but still fab! At least that’s how I imagine it to be.)

Yexel’s Toy Museum is definitely one of the best attractions, so if you’re in Manila Ocean Park, don’t miss it!

Up! *cue tears*
Romeo, Romeo, where art thou?
It’s raining (Iron) Men!
Maria Haeja of the House Franca, First of Her Name, the Bookworm, Queen of the Stars and Chocolates, Khaleesi of the quaint Franca Library, Breaker of Diets, and Mother of None.
Girl gone rogue

Not going to review Manila Ocean Park anymore, but I’m going to share my favorite picture of an animal. This was the last exhibit we visited and the most bittersweet, because the eagles were so beautiful and looked cared for by the bird ranger, who, after chatting with him, seemed like he really cared about these animals.

However, the aviary was situated out into the ocean (you’ll walk on a wooden platform), and the water is full of trash. It’s not smelly, but it’s not the best place for these birds. The ranger said the dirt being thrown into Manila Bay keeps washing up in Manila Ocean Park’s shore. I hope the Manila council would work with Manila Ocean Park to clean it up and prevent this from happening.

I actually took this picture of my niece, who hasn’t seen an eagle before.

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