Overnight at Hotel H20

For Kesh’s despedida, we decided for a weekend-long bonding with an overnight stay at Hotel H20 after we tour Manila Ocean Park, to which she hasn’t been to yet. Since she was going away for at least two years, we decided to go all out, with a massage and a salon appointment at the end of our weekend.

Thanks to Metrodeal, we managed to get an Aqua Room with access to 9 attractions at the Manila Ocean Park for only Php 2999! Since it didn’t include breakfast, we just paid P300 per person to avail of their buffet add-on.

We were already expecting the aquarium wall, but seeing the actual room, at such a low price, made us go wooow! I was afraid we’d feel quite claustrophobic since the room didn’t have any windows, but it didn’t feel that way at all. It was even more soothing having the fish swimming beside us.

The fish travel from room to room but you won’t hear any noise from the other rooms.

Our room was situated on the main floor of Hotel H20. We didn’t expect the place to be huge, but our room was about five to eight minutes away from the lobby. Despite the size of Hotel H20 (and I heard they were fully booked at that time) we were able to sleep soundly and barely heard any noise.

They also provided complete amenities and even quite sturdy in-room slippers.

There were only two things I didn’t like about the room.

One, they provided so many pillows and throw pillows but they were so uncomfortable. They were soft, yes, but I felt like my head was sinking and my neck didn’t have much support. I kept tossing and turning and it took me almost thirty minutes before I could fall asleep.

Second is the bathroom door. The bathroom is made up of glass walls, although the middle part is glazed over. However, the bottom part of the walls is see-through. The bathroom door also doubles as the shower room door. It was both fascinating and irritating. Fascinating because when you take a shower, the room’s other occupant can still use the bathroom. Irritating because it made me feel so uncomfortable.



But Kesh and I just both laughed and promised each other to keep our eyes out of the bathroom when one of us was using it.

And at night, after we got back from our massage at a nearby spa, we were surprised to see so many people lying on the ground. Apparently, they were playing Pokemon Go. Since Kesh and I were avid fans (at that time), we sat beside the crowd and played with them too. Throughout the night, I met so many grown-ups playing, even in the hotel lobby. Some haven’t slept just so they can catch the rare Pokemon spawns in the area!

We were excited for their breakfast buffet because it was held at the Village, but apparently they serve different food during breakfast. In terms of quantity, it was okay. In terms of taste, well, you won’t miss out if you eat somewhere else. Also, no bacon. 🙁

Free WiFi is available but pretty weak in the room.

The only thing missing from Hotel H20 is a good pool. We haven’t seen the pool anywhere, but reviews say Hotel H20 has one somewhere, but you may be visible to the public. Eep, no thanks.

All photos are mine and unedited. Please don’t grab them.

Hotel H20
Luneta, Manila, 1000, Philippines
+63 2 238 6100
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