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My friend Kinah and I decided to celebrate my birthday in an epic way: fly a plane. Of course, being novices, that merely meant learning how to fly a plane beside a seasoned pilot. My friend Marie has already done it in Pampanga and said it was safe, so I reserved two slots (10 minutes for Kinah, 20 minutes for me) with the Angeles City Flying Club.

Angeles City Flying Club
Angeles City Flying Club

Booking was pretty easy and they were very accommodating. I just emailed them the date, duration and number of people, and that was it. No pre-payment needed. Even when I had to change the reservation from 3 adults to 2 adults because my other friend got sick, they didn’t charge me for it.

We left Manila pretty early but got lost in Pampanga so we arrived 30 minutes later than we were supposed to. There are no signs on the way to the Club, so make sure you get a good map/app!

Since only one instructor was available at that time, I went first. From the moment I met my instructor and he started strapping me down and teaching me about the flight controls, I already felt safe. I was beyond excited — flying is my ultimate superpower wish!

Getting ready to fly...
Getting ready to fly…

I think my instructor’s name was Harold, and he’s married to a Filipina. He works in Singapore but flies to Manila every weekend and goes straight to Angeles to fly some ultralight planes. Since this is an actual school and you can get certified and all, they really maintain the aircraft.

It was obvious that the pilots really loved what they do and they knew what they were doing. Harold was very calm and casual and had a smile on his face as he flew us around.

If you’re raring to drive to Angeles City now and fly an ultralight plane yourself, here are some tips:

  1. Don’t wear collared shirts. It’s so windy that the collar will just hit you in the face, repeatedly, as if punishing you for wearing a collared top in the first place.
  2. Keep your valuables in the car or with a friend who isn’t flying yet. It’s an open plane. Strong wind + no walls = potential for things to fall.
  3. If you have a selfie stick or a strap on your camera, make sure you bring it with you. I had neither, and I was trembling from fear of dropping my phone but I just really, really wanted to take photos while up in the sky.
  4. Lather on sunscreen! And try to moisturize after.
  5. Eat something sweet after. The adrenaline rush will be so intense, and when everything’s done, you’ll just feel so drained.
Harold pointed to Mt. Arayat and said, "Next time, if you book an hour, we can fly there." Yes, please!
Harold pointed to Mt. Arayat and said, “Next time, if you book an hour, we can fly there.” Yes, please!

When we were still a bit close to the ground, we flew over some farmers, who started waving at us. Harold and I waved back. He said the locals were used to them flying around and they like it when pilots and students wave back.

I think he had fun flying us around because I wasn’t screaming my head off even when he kept going higher and higher. He would even tilt the plane to the right then to the left, and I would take pictures of the scenery. Every so often, he’d give me the “okay?” hand signal, which he taught before we flew. I’d sign “okay” every time.

Finally, my 20 minutes was up. It felt just right but I surely want to go for a longer ride next time!

They also handed us individual certificates that says we flew with them.
They also handed us individual certificates that states we flew with them.

Kinah and I couldn’t stop smiling from the time we each sat in the plane until hours after we were gone from the school. It was just one of the best experiences I’ve done, and it was an awesome thing to share with one of my best friends. I recommend this for people who dream of flying but have no fear of heights. Definitely a unique date activity!

Super glad to have a friend who likes adventures too!
Super glad to have a friend who likes adventures too!

Thanks for the road trip, Kinah! Till our next adventure! 🙂


Please don’t grab my photos without permission! All images are unedited except for the watermark I’ve placed.


Angeles City Flying Club
Woodland Airpark Talimundok,
Sta. Maria Magalang, Pampanga
+63 916 456 8588 (Globe)
+63 0918 9203039 (Smart)

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